World's Worst Golf Lesson

The world’s worst golf lesson!


I didn’t give it. I took it! This story is the impetus to the development of the teaching philosophy at Reynolds Golf Academy:

“In 1987, I decided to try to be a Tour player. This may have been a far-fetched goal for a person who didn’t play golf until he was 19 years old with a two handicap, but that was my goal. To fast forward my progress I decided to do something I had never done before: Take a golf lesson.

“My first lesson with a professional was a disaster. I was given the ‘one size fits all’ method. My stance was widened and my legs were straightened to an exaggerated level. I was then told to make a one-piece takeaway.

“This sounded reasonable until he explained his version: ‘A one-piece takeaway is where the upper spine, the lower spine, the triangle and the club all move to right post, which is the right leg,’ he bellowed.

“He might as well have been speaking GREEK!

“I attempted his move and proceeded to hit the worst 30 shots of my entire life! ‘You’re exaggerating this move to get me in another habit aren’t you?’ I inquired. He said, ‘No. This is what all the great players do.’ (This, was his answer to everything!)

“This pattern continued for a dozen more principles each of which was so exaggerated that I felt like Quasimodo. I protested, but all my protests were explained away by him saying ‘All the great players do this.’ Three weeks later our relationship ended with an embarrassing confrontation on the range as he got me to try yet another move that would mold me into his

“This was followed by a series of tips from various golf instructors who showed no real commitment to my game demonstrated by constant interruptions and habitually glancing at their watches. My game floundered though I worked extremely hard. As often happens in life these experiences put me on a different path. I changed my focus from trying to make it on Tour and went on a mission to find better ways to teach golf so that golfers get the results they deserve for their efforts.

“I’ve made a 20-year study of why some people get better and some don’t. It’s not just talent. I’ve had talented people come to see me who, when
they first came, were not very good golfers. It’s not just the equipment.

“We’ve all seen golfers who tried to buy a good game, but their latest, greatest golf clubs could not make up for their lack of skill. And notice I said skill. Talent is your ability; skill is a sum of your habits. So what is it that determines if golfers get better? I’ll let you in on the key. First and foremost it is the concepts and ideas you’ve picked up that have shaped your game.”

As a teacher, I can watch you swing and then tell you the main things that you think about to try to hit the ball. I’ll show you the “Three Deadly Instincts” and the “Myths of Golf” that are hurting your game – and the profoundly different ideas that will put you on track to your best golf ever.

– Charlie King

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