The Proper Way to Throw Your Club

The Proper Way to Throw Your Club’s #1 Video Golf Tip:  “The Proper Way to Throw a Club”

I was doing a photo and video shoot in St. Kitts for GOLF Magazine when the video director asked me to do a spoof video as a joke for one of his co-workers with a club-throwing problem.  I did it impromptu for their internal use only.  Several weeks ago I received an e-mail link showing that had posted it as the featured video.  I have given hundreds of golf lessons and golf tips in my 19 years as an instructor, but none has received an overwhelming response like this.  The video went “viral” (forwarded via email) and has now been viewed over 1.4 million times (the most viewings for a video tip before this one was 175,000).  Enjoy!

– Charlie King
Director of Instruction
Reynolds Golf Academy


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