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A Few Success Stories…

Ron Foster


With Reynolds Golf Academy, our success is best demonstrated through the stories of our students.  First we have the incredible leap forward Ron Foster’s game made while following our “Essentials”.

Charlie King has developed a teaching system that has the same success rate of swimming instruction.  In swimming there are known steps:  floating, kicking, arm motion, etc., learned one at a time and then put together for the whole that we know as swimming freestyle.  When kids go through this program there is roughly 100% success.  Our teaching philosophy has identified the areas and steps for golf to have that same success rate.  Just as we learned to swim if we took the classes, golfers come out of the Reynolds Golf Academy program learning how to golf.  Perhaps no one golfer puts a face to the program like Ron.


Case Study:
Ron Foster is a lot like you. Was a lot like you! Ron yearned for more enjoyment out of the game he truly enjoyed. Just playing was no longer enough; Ron wanted to play well.


125 to 80 in 14.
When Ron came to the Reynolds Golf Academy, he was hitting fat shots and thin shots and he had a definitive slice.  He began to take lessons and followed our step-by-step program to a tee.  He was diligent in coming for periodic lessons and steadily practicing, but not hours on end.  He just practiced the Essential elements a few minutes at a time.

After 14 months, Ron’s game showed steady progress.

Then it happened:

The day this former “125’er” broke 80, he actually called me at home on a Sunday.  Ron told me it was so much fun he wishes he had done this sooner.  You can just imagine my feeling of satisfaction and pride.”
– Charlie King

Ron recently played in a tournament where last year he shot a hefty 121. This year he shot an astounding 81! That’s 40 shots better in one year!*

*Results may vary – but pretty cool!

Jean Reynolds

Jean is an accomplished player with dreams of a career on the LPGA Tour.  When she came to Charlie King in the spring, her ballstriking was very good and she was looking for help with her short game.  The “Red Zone” short game test was given to her and several things were identified.  Jean’s bunker game was suspect and her putting inside ten feet was not good enough for a career on Tour.


“Can you fix this?”

Jean told Charlie how her short putting woes had been with her for several years and it was becoming very frustrating.  She even wondered out loud to Charlie if putting is something you either have or you don’t.  Charlie assured her it was not only possible, but an absolute if you practice correctly.  She was then shown a couple of widely used and effective drills as well as a couple that are unique to Charlie’s teaching philosophy.

Jean is a hard worker and she got to work right away.  Steadily improvement took place.  She had better putting rounds in her tournaments and, as can be expected, some bad putting rounds.  By the fall, putting had become one of the strongest parts of her game.  Jean competed against 300 other girls in the Futures Tour Qualifier in November and finished 5th.  She will be playing a full schedule on the Futures Tour this year with putting as a strength!

Will YOU Be Our Next Success Story?

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We’re confident that the following testimonials are representative of the kinds of experiences in store for you when you attend one of our golf academy sessions:

“What can I tell you? Now I’ve broken 80 and am consistently shooting in the 80’s. That’s pretty good for a guy who just last year was shooting in the 120’s. I used to hit a BIG slice 200 yards with my driver and now I hit it 250 with a draw. The three things that Charlie worked on in my full swing were so simple that once he told me, I couldn’t believe nobody had shown me these things before. I’m a believer.”
– Ron Foster, Greensboro, GA

“I took many lessons over the years and was a struggling golfer and very frustrated. I heard about Charlie King and decided to take the chance. The change in my game has been unbelievable. I literally picked up 30 yards on each iron and 50 yards on my driver. I actually enjoy golf again. I’ve taken 15 shots off my game in a few months. Thanks, Charlie.”
– Tim Mahoney, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“As a former student, I wanted to tell you that with your help I was able to win my club’s Senior Men’s Net Championship. I’ve been practicing what you preached and it really paid off. I shot two rounds of 83 and 79. And I’ve never broken 80 before. Your 3-day Red Zone school really works! Remember I’m the guy who couldn’t accurately pitch, chip or putt on your preliminary test scores. Well I hit 27 of 36 greens and won closest to hole on a par 3. I didn’t miss a putt that was less than 8 feet. Thanks again for your help! After struggling for so many years, it sure has made golf a fun game to play.”
– Brad Kibler, Atlanta, GA

“I was a pretty good player, but I hooked the ball and hit it high and thin. I had been told some conflicting things that included the statement that I was ‘getting ahead of it’. In one lesson Charlie completely changed my understanding of cause and effect and it was so simple to understand. I am playing the best golf of my life and know exactly how to fix my swing when it gets off. Nobody explains the golf swing and short game better than Charlie King.”
– Brian Candela, Orlando, FL

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