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“Our philosophy means we don’t make you look like a golfer, we turn you into a golfer,” King explains. “This means we focus on the essential golf skills that great golfers have in common.”

Charlie King
Director of Instruction
GOLF Magazine “Top 100 Instructor”
Golf Digest “50 Best Teachers”


The Ultimate golf school

If you can find a better environment for learning golf than what we’ve established here at Reynolds Golf Academy, by all means attend. But we don’t think you will.


We’ve studied golf swings, short game, and course management.  That’s normal, all golf schools and instructors have done that.  We also studied motor learning principles, communication, physics as it relates to golf and kinesiology.  It’s is a little unusual to go to these lengths to make sure we have the knowledge to create the ultimate learning experience.  But the biggest thing this did was focus our attention on how to make you, the golfer, successful.

This may be golf’s most logical instruction program.

Charlie looks at teaching golf the same way swimming and martial arts are taught. The process is not mysterious. You break the big skill down into its component skills, which we call the Essentials. You evaluate the student’s current skill level in each of these essential skills and determine which skill is most important to work on right now. You then explain and demonstrate the drill to have the student start working toward a repeatable habit. Feedback is then provided through video, training aids and verbal means. Follow-up lessons and schools keep the process going. To reach the black belt level in golf, you don’t need to do 1,000 things 7 times. You need to do the 7 EssentialsTM 1,000 times.

  • A personalized DVD  (for attendees of Three Day Essentials of GolfTM Total Game Improvement School)
  • A manual (for attendees of Three Day Essentials of GolfTM Total Game Improvement School)
  • A book (for attendees of the Three Day “Red Zone” Short Game School)
  • Shirt and cap – Reynolds Golf Academy logoed
  • A whole new perception of what to do correctly!



Top 50 Golf Instructor, Charlie King



You’re completely satisfied or you name the price!





If you want to improve your game, don’t put off your decision. Any intelligent person can come up with reasons not to play golf. But if you’re going to play this crazy game, treat yourself to be the best you can be!Call us now at (866) 443-6742 to book your school or lesson!






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