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Red Zone” Short Game School

Golfers who’ve gone through our program have improved as much as 200%! We know this because we test at the beginning and end of the school. The school’s focus is Golf “Red Zone”, 100 yards and in. The instructional emphasis is on the skills and strategy of putting, chipping, pitching, distance wedges, sand shots and specialty shots. You will learn how to switch from mechanics to feel, utilizing peak performance programming.

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Each student is tested in all areas of the short game to determine their strengths and weaknesses. A personal program is then developed.

Our revolutionary short game systems will simplify your short game, eliminating the guesswork, teaching you how to get it up and down. We will give you a more systematic approach to the short game. Our wedge system will teach you an array of shots and how to accurately control your distances.

Our chipping concepts make this into a simple, repeatable shot. Our goal at the short game school is to equip you with the methodology of shot and club selection and shot performance in order to maximize your effectiveness around the green.

You will learn the importance of improving your short game in order to improve your score. We guarantee it!

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Red Zone Videos

 I have picked the following videos for you to get a sense of our Red Zone Short Game philosophy at the Reynolds Golf Academy.  We identify the Essential skills for the golf swing or short game and determine which ones your game needs the most.  We then create a plan to turn these into habits.  We are dedicated to improving your short game by using objective measures and competition to motivate you to maximum improvement.  These ideas are outlined in a book I co-authored with Rob Akins called Golf’s Red Zone Challenge.  Click on this link to purchase it through  I’ve also included a (some say) funny bonus video at the bottom of the page on “The 3 Secrets of Slow Players”.  Enjoy.

Red Zone Putting

Pre-swing (Part 1) Grip and Posture

Pre Swing (Part 2) Aim and Ball Position

Golf’s Most Important Lesson

Red Zone Pitching

The Keys to Red Zone Chipping

The 3 Secrets for Using Slow Play as a Weapon


 Our 3-Day Red Zone Short Game Golf School is an $1,800 investment.

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