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Can You Benefit From Our Golf Instruction Program?

Take a few minutes to answer “yes” or “no” to these 12 critical golf situations. Then check your score to see if you could benefit from our instruction.

1. I try to keep my head down after impact.
2. I attempt to take the club “down the line” after impact.
3. I line my shoulders up to the target.
4. I three-putt more than two times a round.
5. I often fail to get out of the bunker at my first attempt.
6. I often don’t hit chip shots close enough to one-putt.
7. I get nervous and would like to be more calm on the golf course.
8. I sometimes lose my balance when I go for the big drive.
9. I have a good score with four holes to play and blow it.
10. I would like to have longer, straighter drives.
11. I would love to be more consistent with my irons.
12. I want to lower my scores.

If you answer “Yes” to:

Nine or more …
Reynolds Golf Academy is perfect for you. We guarantee that you are completely satisfied or you can name the price. You have nothing to lose so call 866-443-6742 now and book a school so you can start enjoying the game more!

Four to eight …
You could go it alone and keep beating balls or you could pick up the phone right now and fast forward your progress. Lower scores are really more fun.

One to three …
You’re probably already heading for the PGA Tour and need to call us at 866-443-6742 for our advanced player program.  This could help you avoid the pitfalls of some talented players who fell on hard times when they picked the wrong teacher for them.

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