Private Instruction

Private Instruction

From beginners to professionals, The Golf Academy is the place to improve. With years of experience, Charlie and his staff are dedicated to helping players of all levels achieve their goals.

Theories, fads, and teaching methods come and go, but the essential skills haven’t changed.  We are committed to helping individuals understand the steps they need to take to play better golf. Be our next success story!

What happens during a typical lesson?

Our instructors follow three simple steps:

  1. Interview
  2. Fitness, Equipment, and ball flight evaluation. Followed by state-of-the-art Video Analysis (V1 The #1 Motion Analysis Software in Sport)
  3. Coaching and Feedback
  4. Practice Plan & Drills


The first step is the interview process. We believe this is critical because the instructor gets a feel for the student’s experience and ability but more importantly what his or her goals are.

The second step is evaluation and analysis. After watching the student hit a few shots, the instructor will ask detailed questions about his or her game while capturing the shots using state of the art video equipment. After illustrating, evaluating, and analyzing the student’s motion in the video room, the instructor will identify and prioritize the skills the students is lacking.  During this time the student will be sent an e-mail of the video and analysis for review after they have returned home to practice.

In the final steps, the student gets a clear understanding on how to practice the one or two things the instructor identified as being key issues. In this critical coaching phase, the student leaves with specific drills to use at home to target his or her flaws.

We hope you can join us!


Lesson Rates

Charlie King-Director of Instruction
$200/hour Guest Rate
$160.00/hour Member Rate
$90.00/half-hour Member Rate
$100.00/hour Junior Lesson (ages 6-14)
$125/hour Junior Lesson (ages 15-22)
Rob Bowser-Lead Staff Instructor
$150/hour Guest Rate
$120/hour Member Rate
$70/half-hour Member Rate
$100/hour Young Adult Lesson (ages 15-22)
$80/hour Junior Lessons


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